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     Michael-Richard Aguero started actually drawing at his grandmothers house in his home town of Pecos, Texas. 
     As a child, he was inspired by the simple drawings of his high school aged cousins.  They explained things about shading and proportion in their crude dark drawings of skulls, serpents, and  other creepy things. 
     Michael took his first art class in junior high, then a  more formal class in high school.  After an unexpected 18 month "vacation" 30 years later, he perfected his skills, specializing in faces. 
     He is a father of two wonderful and talented teenagers, Aimee Gabrielle and Michael Angelo.  Aimee is featured on the HOME PAGE.
     He now juggles his multi-talented musical skills with illustrating customized Pencil Portaits of your loved ones! 

Order Yours Today!  Just send me a photo where the subject (face) is larger than 3-inches in diameter!

If you would like a pencil portrait of yourself or someone you love, contact me by phone, mail, or email.

I'll be glad to answer any questions you have.

Michael's Studio
1505 East 42nd Blvd.
Odessa, Texas 79762 

(432) 889-9790

"Make It Happen!"

Personal Touch Portraits by Michael Richard Aguero Copyright 2004

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